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Monday, August 1, 2016

MY COUNTRY, MY EVERYTHING(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Tears of joy drop in droplet from my swollen eyes

My voice gone from the shout I have made

I cant sleep due to unending melancholic news

That still didnt kept me from moving forward

Emancipates us all

So we cherish the goodies of this blessed nation

I never go hungry even in the space of scarcity

I have never been poor

Even though I live where pauper lives

I mourn for the aborted foetus in this nation

Who could have become

A stronghold to our direction

Taken us out of seduction, reduction and evil elections

I mourn for the adopted girls, adopted in chibok

Whom could have been

Great Solutionists to our solutions

To render renditions to todays independence celebration .

The beauty of them all

Make lads long for their friendship

I miss the chibok girls

Am happy because

am here to save the slum

I can count babies giving birth to babies

Due to no knowledge of keeping their virginity

Rape raped the lasses

Raping my muse with fuss

I refuse to lodge in their apartment of nemesis

Nor to listen to their bogus prophecies

All in the forlorn fallacies of negative ecstasies

My country, my everything

I lived and eat in this nation

I will be a dominator to a better population

Creating solutions

And making promotions

To our those under demotion

I love this nation of

Oil wealth

The giant of Africa

The pillar of less sepulcher.

The aroma of hope

Lies between the thighs of this nation

Am proud to be a patriot of this nation

This is the day,

That Our nation sings

This is the day

That the liberty bell starts to ring

This is the day

We all start to remember

What We stand for

and to celebrate our Independence

We stand up high, as We

All start to cry

As we think about,

All that died

For you, for me, for our whole country

Risking there life

Each and everyday here is a salute

To all that lay ...


®Reserved for Independence

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher


NB: At early crack of the dawn wrote this poem in sleepy eyes and cold palm


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