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Monday, August 1, 2016

APPLE OF LOVE(a duet by Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER ‪# and Silva Epitome Mhiz Word)

Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
i have found an Apple that suits my sample.. i don't wanna make mistake of a lost take.. That's why I decided to let this Apple know in time
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple that suits your sample
Is one Apple that's got dimples
Spreading fast like wrinkles
Its so weak and feeble
Only an understanding heart that's not feeble can attempt to smile at this dimpled apple
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
I saw all it Creamy, loving angelic, soft, positive dimple. but i saw no wrinkle. Because it's dimple sooth my simple heart
I wish this apple decide to live in my abode
I would have made it feel the side of my love side
That comes with full side of good sides
Silva Epitome (Mhiz Word)
This Apple lies where ancients sing the hymns
The worries that gave this Apple that dimple
Is one none can fanthom
Cause in just one night it came like a phantom
And took away this Apple's don tom
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
how i wish.. i can have a taste of this sweet Apple that shines like Silva and an Epitome of good fragrance.. i cant wait to have a feel of this Apple round my lips
And my teeth are jittery for one bite from this Apple
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This Apple's got a sweet sexy inviting taste
Will you relish this Apple's taste?
Kola last long only in the mouth of those who value it
She's got worth she's got prestige she's got value
And she's got a heart to love
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
if she's got a heart to love
why would this Apple feel weak towards love why is this Apple not strong in facing nature at where it has placed it
why would such Apple feel confused on who its heart choose
allow this chosen man eat a bite
I wish this apple remain in my mouth for eternity
And make me eat the virginity of it purity
That will lead to my unity
With it's simplicity
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
This bite that bite one bite can make or mar the difference
This bite could draw you close
This bite could push you far
One bite could be all
One bite could be nothing
But her bite has got a worth
Cause a heart indeed she's got
Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
Oh! This Apple's got my tear
See how it makes me fear
What to do if this Apple gets hurt
Can I die if this little Apple loses her hut?
You make me shed tears
Alas my tears for love
And if indeed this Apple's got a heart then grant me this one wish
I wish my wish becomes your wish
To grant me this very wish of which I wish to have this Apple in my heart
Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)
Do not doubt her existence treasure it
Do not weep for her wrinkled dimples understand it
Do not stand clasped hand at her misfortune praise her for it for indeed she's got a heart to love and love forever she will at this man who's made her first on his wish list
Duet not Duel
#Sunsampaul d PHILOSOPHER
#Silva Epitome(Mhiz Word)

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