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Monday, August 1, 2016

FR33ZINPAUL(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Alone in the citadel of life

I sat in loneliness of poetry

Then freezing came

Caressing my soft growing bard on my chin

I freezes and groan in Ecstasy

That when I know I found a lovable friend

Freezing my hands to my bic

Freezing my book to my desk

Freezing my feet in Arthub

I encounter a real FREEZER. FR33ZINGPAUL

They call him 33

I call him Freezing

A handsome negro

Whom girls long for

As Cleo patra long for immortality.

Just to get to the height of his majesty

To praise the almighty Trinity in the holy city

A bard of lovable rhymes

A lad of muse that fuss and amuse

A gem of strong background

Whose back has never touch the ground

A pal to my philosophical mentality

A genius to my catholiticum, cathedraticum and evangelicum

Freezing you added smiles to my life

As I celebrate with you today

Billi and Willi my dogs freeze in cold

Judges in TPC write with joy

Ambassadors of GCP cast a muse to your day

I, Sunsampaul d Philosopher dedicate this to you.

Freezing who loves open mic

Opening the mic in his mind

Mike call on him for fight

But freezing turn it down at night

A humble knight with numerous light

He fight not with any being

A dude of many muse

Lover of children

Friend maker

Trouble shooter

Goal getter

Aid giver

News watcher

Love player

Muse maker

You have the characteristics of mine

That why you are FreezingPaul and am Sunsampaul

You being my namesake is not a mistake

The trumpet of your birthday I take will never be a fake

You hardly make a fake of your freezing lake

I sat on my dog's cage to jot your cake

My muse, I give you to take

In spite of the make

I know we won't break

In poetry we shall wake

Basking in the order of mass

I book mass for your day

Just as today is good day

All your days shall be better days.

But today I will make your best day

Just as Deus has made it your birthday

This day I write you

I will published the muse of your own days

As I wrote, my eyes full of sleep.

I vowed to celebrate with you

In the anthology of my next Publish poems the next day

My humility in ecstasy

My Ecstasy in loyalty

My sincererity in majesty

I will keep our bond of dignity

In the divinity of the almighty

So the trinity will make it last even in his holy city

I love you Freezing Paul my namesake

All right reserved.

©Sunsampaul d Philosopher



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  1. I must commend this. Poem because it is unique just like your other poems. Keep it up! More effort to your elbow!