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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BE YOURSELF, NOT A WANNABE(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

    Janet an undergraduate, studying Economics in the prestigious
university of Ibadan loves fashion a lot. No doubt she's beautiful and
fair in complexion. She has three friends in her campus, Sandra,
Nonye, and Bimbo.

    Nonye came from a rich home while Sandra and Bimbo came from
average families. Janet whose father is dead and mother is a pauper
who subsisted on what ever she realized from the tomatoes she sold in
the market. Janet two siblings are dropouts because her mother want
her being the first child to complete her education, get a good job
and sponsor her siblings in school.

   Regularly Janet will boast of being the daughter of the Owner of an
oil company. She flaunt many things she don't have as her own. She
borrowed clothes from her other friends in another institutions to
show up herself. She rode different cars into the campus claiming they
belong to her father. She always ride a jeep.

   On a fateful day. She was spotted by Sandra when she was coming
down from a jeep she always flaunt in campus. She was hugging the man
when Sandra approached her. "Janet is this your father" she asked.
"Yes this is my father" she replied. The potbellied man entered the
jeep and zoom off. Sandra was speechless for some seconds, before she
could utter any word. Janet quickly cut in. " Oh! I forgot to tell you
girls, my Dad want to change the jeep for me, I called him I need
another one" she said. Knowing she was lying, Bimbo swallowed her
saliva in a bit to show signs that Janet was  blatantly lying.

    For two week Janet's friend didn't see her again in campus.  When
they eventually found a girl Janet once told Bimbo happens to be her
cousin. They persuaded her to take them to where Janet rich parent
lives. On getting there it dawned on them that their friend, Janet was
a green snake under the green grass and a chronic wannabe. They came
down from Nonye's car and found Janet in a dirty room with dirty kids,
putting on dirty clothes, eating dirty food, with dirty hands. They
were speechless and Janet was shocked. She never imagined her life to
be this messed up with lies. Her friends quickly took their leave.

    In the evening of the subsequent day, Janet went back to the
campus apologizing to her friends, in the process of doing that she
was attacked by a woman in her fifties with a mighty slap on her cheek
that added a reddish mark on it. She fell on the floor instantly.
Before her friends could hold the woman, she pounds on Janet and
started warning her to stay away from her husband and face her study.
That she can't afford sharing her husband with lunatic and prostitute
like her. She warned Janet not to ever enter that Jeep bought for her
by her husband. This was the same jeep Bimbo saw with Janet when she
said her dad was taking it to bring her another one. The woman spat on
Janet and immediately snatched the key from her.

   Crowd clustered the place of the scene, her friends was ashamed of
keeping such kind of girl as a friend. They quickly left the scene,
leaving her on the floor to face her warrant.

     Janet got up in excruciating pains with dirt on her clothes. She
sustained bruises and strains. And later gave a deep thought of her
life not to be a wannabe. She said to herself "it's better to be
myself than to be a wannabe".

      Two days later she went to her friends as a prodigal girl.
Pleading and pleading for forgiveness. The other two snubbed her, and
later they started abusing and calling her names but Nonye retorted
saying " She was our friend I know but she has learnt her lesson, that
it's better to be yourself than to be a wannabe, let's forgive her and
accept her back as our friend because to hell is human and to forgive
is divine". Hearing this, the heart of the other two melted and they
forgave Janet and promised to be on the lookout so she won't go back
to her vomit.

     Janet changed to be a good girl. She became serious with her
study and a truthful being, she never got herself into trouble and the
other girls assisted her siblings in schooling so the load won't be
heavy on their friend Janet. This added smile on the physiognomy of
Janet's mother. And she said " good friends are better than wealth,
being yourself is uniqueness not a pride".

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

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