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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


 The following below are questions the interviewer is to ask the
upcoming artist he/she is interviewing. Though any change made might
mar the interview if not taken from the editor in chief who penned

QST 1: Good day Sir/ Ma, how have your day been?

QST 2: Kindly tell us about your self( note; here the person tell you
about his/herself for you to know next to do)

QST 3: Wow! You are indeed a bunch of talent to boom. Kindly  tell us
what motivate you into this type of art you are?

QST 4: How do you intend to raise NOUN flag high with your creativity?

QST 5: Who is your role model?

QST 6: What do you do when alone?

QST 7: Give 3 reasons why you love NOUN

QST 8: Briefly tell us the important sides of NOUN?

QST 9: What would you do when given a scholarship in NOUN?

QST 10: Kindly tell the world your advice for the upcoming artists who
are dreaming to enroll in NOUN and other varsities.

Thank you dear for your time, Viewers we have all seen and heard all
the goodies of this great upcoming artist and the motivated speeches
that proceed from his/her mouth. The beneficiary things you can as
well gain when enrolled in NOUN.

Stay bless as you join us next time on NOUNBOOK upcoming artist smooth
talk interview. Love you all.

Written by
Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher
Chief Editor of Nounbook
And CEO of Citadel of Life

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