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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ONE GOOD TURN, DESERVES ANOTHER(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

   In the outskirt of a dilapidated village, where many people find it
unbearable to survive. Many died of diseases like cholera, typhoid and
malaria, they've been bitten by bed bugs, even mosquitoes and
termites, they barely tell their children tales by moonlight because
there was no lamp to bring fort light in the night.

   Parents of the children were paupers, whish made the children
unable to go to school. Mazi Ezekiel lives as a farmer in the that
same village, he has only one surviving son, Henry, who survived from
the diseases that killed his three siblings.

   Mazi Ezekiel also suffered this conditions in generation when he
was a child like Henry. He had a friend called John whom they both
suffered in the remote village, running all errand for aged people so
they can get tips from them. But John was lucky to be taken by one of
the children of Ma Uloma, an octogenarian who was one of the aged
women him and Mazi Ezekiel both ran errands for.

   John was trained by one of Ma Uloma sons up to his university
level, he was employed in a big oil company as a staff earning big
amount of money as salary and also deriving allowances mistimes. He
has three boys and a girl as his children and a beautiful wife living
with him in Abuja.

   For long he has not visited his village even though he always sent
money to his father and relatives. He taught the village must have
been civilized but not knowing it was still the way he left it. A
thought came to him to visit his long time friend Mazi Ezekiel who in
a time helped him revived his sick father when they were both lads.
His father was suffering from malaria so Mazi Ezekiel went to sell the
only hen in his own father's hut to buy some drugs for John's father.

  In the morning of the subsequent day. John headed for his village,
on getting there he visited his father and family, show them love, he
came with his wife and children. As the evening came he quickly went
to the house he was told Mazi Ezekiel now lives. Seeing each other,
they couldn't recognize each other. John said to Mazi Ezekiel that he
came in search of his old childhood friend named Ezekiel, not knowing
he was the person in question. After much shocked from Ezekiel,
hearing the side of John as he narrated his departure and success, he
was convinced that this is indeed John, his childhood friend. He then
said to John "I'm Ezekiel, whom you seek". They both embraced each
other and went into Ezekiel's hut.

     Ezekiel narrated to John how he lost his wife and other children
and how it has been difficult for him and his only surviving son
Henry. After hearing his story, John became sobber, he said to his
friend "one good turn, deserves another, you saved my father's life,
I'll give you and your son a good living." He also assured his friend
that all is well, he promised to take him and his son Henry to Abuja
so they can have a better life.

  Two days later, all plans has already been made, so they all set for
the journey. They arrived successfully and John fulfilled all his
promises. He rented a befitting apartment for his friend and enrolled
his son Henry in a good school. He also got a good job for his friend
Ezekiel that made light shone on Mazi Ezekiel's face. His physiognomy
became blazing and he was happy. Henry grew to be a strong man, he was
successful and graduated in the university after some years as a
medical doctor. He always make sure he visited John's family and as
well he always make his father proud and happy. He was obedient,
respectful, hardworking and Godfearing.

©Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

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