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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

AGONY OF WOMEN(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Womanhood is a blessing not a curse,
Though it is a difficult task like a final year
But our women passed through excruciating
That come with no gain.

From agony of pregnancy that fences their lives,
Agony so painful and as sharp as a knife.
These women who were perceived wussies,
Carried inside them loads as big as the earth.
I learnt from the news in yesteryears;
A girl with her drop-down tears, cursed this

She stigmatized this ignominious realm of
bitterness still,
Where she was drastically robbed between her
thighs with a drill.
Pains of stress and strain,
Galloped onto the physiognomies of women,
And left a continuous ache to munch.

A huge fist visited their cheeks with a punch.
Noise ripped through walls,
Of coerced mating, making them to fall.
They were blinded by thunderstorms of slap that
clustered their faces,
From anxious men with big hands, and
uncontrolled anger.

Teenage girls forcefully married to
Many of them are dropouts, while some are
After marriage, they were badly beaten to their
Even the daylight they barely see with their eyes.

Sunday Samuel Paul Egwu popularly called
Sunsampaul is a poet and
blogger and a student. Also a graphic designer .
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