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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WHEN LOVE CALLS(a duet by Sunsampaul and Mary Loto)

Mary you've captured my heart
I didn't mean to stir at you like a bat
It wasn't my aim to fall in love with you
I tried too many times to ignore my feelings for you
I tried to ignore your well crafted art on earth and gifted hip
You are the one for me
Its hard for me to deny you when you flip
Night and day, your accent renders symphony
I keep thinking about you in harmony
Its tough to live a day without seeing your lovely face
Your voice takes me down in pace
Deep to the world of peace
You are my angel in disguise
Every time you come to my heart like a guard

Oh I wish these promises are true
I can't explain what have been through
Its hard to say YES
I was in this shoes just like yesterday.
I won't deny I care bout you
Your words are unique.
I'm discombobulated
Afraid of being manipulated.
You are a giant amidst of ants
For am scare to be beaten by ants.

My heart jumps with joy
Every step I take means a lot when I'm with you my joy
I'm lost around you, like a toy
Please show me the way to your sweet heart
Give me your time,
I promise I wont waste it on earth
Being your friend kills me dead
Mary know all your flip flops,
Give me a chance to mend your broken wings
I fell in love with the way you sing
I can fly fast to wipe your hurtful tears
It hurts when I see you cry in fear

 Who am I to let go of you
Every damsel on earth want you
I don't want you in my life
I need u a million times to survive
I breath the power in your word
In you I found peace in this world
My heart plead for your continual love beat
For I don't want to loose you my heartbeat
Day and night
Night and day
I won't leave you alone
For your words are powerful like the King of Persia who is not unknown
  The source of this love I pray never runs dry

 Make me touch where hurts nicely in you.
Big I wish when I think of you
Wishing you could see my heart been full of love.
Loving you hurt deep inside my lonely heart
I keep losing weight just for your love.
I cry for you, am feeling weak
I feel you deep, am losing focus
Take my hand
Hold it tight
Feel what I feel
Connect our pulse of love
Let's think like one hearted soul
Let's dream together
Let's be the perfect couple
You are my perfect kind
I feel you
Am I wrong to have faith in you?

Your lovely words can make one die for you.
Make those promises no stillborn promises
In it we can have our premises
Help not toy with my heart
For Henry did and he toiled for it
Paul to you I surrender my heart
Even if it means to leave this earth.
Show me more of your love and the realm of your glory
I won't mind to change my name to Gloria.
So you can love me more than you love her

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
#Mary Loto


  1. Hmmm, Nice duet...
    And so she said YES!
    Paul, how do you FEEL?

  2. I am elated. This girl left her bf just to accept me lolz....... Indeed love has called and I have picked up the call. I now have a new lover