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Friday, January 29, 2016

JESUS IS NOT BORING, RELIGION IS(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Souls clustering the abode of Yahweh
Longing to hear the sound city of shoki
Most of us now lodge in the bathroom of secular jazz in religious cap
Claiming to be saint in air-conditioned abode of worship

It wasn't David's stone that killed Goliath
Stone can't pierce a person's head
It was God's anointing that killed Goliath

Why do we say Jesus is boring when we dine in the apartment of Azonta
In his presence
Patching parks of six packs in the track of religion
All in the name of cracking worship

Let me brush your medulla
To know this about Jesus and religion
That will lead to the rays of convincing you that
Jesus is not boring
Religion is

Jesus says live
Religion says leave
Jesus gives life
Religion seeks life
Jesus gives peace
Religion seeks peace
Jesus gives joy
Religion seeks joy

Jesus is one
Religion differs
Jesus is not sentimental
Religion is
Jesus is God
Religion is not
Jesus lives
Religion was established
Jesus do wonders
Religion seeks for wonders

Jesus preaches salvation
Religion preaches prosperity
Jesus preaches eternal life
Religion preaches long life
Jesus is just
Religion is partial
Jesus says be humble
Religion says be proud of yourself

Jesus says love your foes
Religion says pray for your foes to die
Jesus is Supreme
Religion is not
Jesus is everywhere
Religion is not
Jesus says your sins had made you whole
Religion says your sins had separated you from God's love
Now tell me
Which is boring
Jesus or religion?

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher
#Jesus is not boring, religion is