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Friday, January 29, 2016

THE CONSENT(a duet by Sunsampaul and Datalent)

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
I've the fear
If I'm to call dear
Before it get rare
Or I turn to beer
I love to observe you
Not as if I don't deserve you
I better preserve you
Before I loose you

Philo my saviour
I wouldn't want to use all my labour
To make you my harbour
For taking away my worries
I know you're not flirting
With a dog that needs bathing

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
I need no narrator
To mount a projector
That will make me a good suitor
To you my love

Don't you think you are great?
Dearest Philosopher my mate.
Let's leave the flirty dog,
To its job if eating dung.
Come and be by my side
To give me pride

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
You flatter me with words
Fight for me with your sword
Prevent me from having sore
DaTalent you're truly my love for sure

Flatter is an understatement,
With words I'd adorn your raiment.
You eyes spake of untold beauty
You're more than a deity

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
Your beauty makes me smile
Your shape eradicate my pile
Even when I want to lie
You drew me back to the line
You're more than a damsel
You look like you counsel
You are written in my conscience

Oh! This praise for I alone?
With words I'd create a clone
Of you alone my love
Without the aid of gloves.

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
My heart beats faster than drum beat
Each time I hear your name I take a seat
Your hip I can't defeat
Your voice led me out of the pit
I respire and you repeat
The full version of the hit

This love seems to shine so bright,
And melting away my plight.
Loving you should not be a crime,
Or better still a lime.

Sunsampaul d philosopher:
I'd love to taste that lime
Even if I'm not in line
I will spend my whole dime
Just to have a cool dine
And pour on you costly wine
That will make you fine
More than you are my love

As much as I'd love to have you
I wouldn't want any girl beside you
Not wanting to leave you my dear,
And refuse your call I wouldn't dare.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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