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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
Briefly introduce yourself sir

 I am Babatunde odubanwo....
A half ogun and delta boy
An art enthusiast, freelance journalist,writer,volunteer etc

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
We may like to know about your educational background

Once a pupil at Green Pasture Nursery and,attended
Effortswill Academy and a proud graduate of economics from Olabisi
Onabanjo University

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
How come as an economist . you're into journalism .Sir kindly tell us
how you did it

 I had always love current affairs right from my pry i grew
up later in life,i saw the need to be in the know and try to
contribute my input...

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
 It's obvious you are fond of ambiguous words. How do you feel when
you begin to use those words

Ambiguity is the flavour of poetry....I started my writing as a poet
before diving into the panoptic aqua of the literary world. I feel as
normal as i can be.
I don't ride on high horse when i do.

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
What's your drive in life?

The need for a better world and prospect of achieving best in all endeavour

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
 What do you think should be corrected in the life of African youth?

 First amongst is that we are Africans and nothing can be European
about us. The earlier we know,the better. Because it will predispose
us to the assertion that there is much greatness in you when he knows
what he stands for.

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
 What can you say about  MLK's speech "I have a dream". I mean Martin
Luther King

It was visionary and revolutionary. I have read almost all his
speeches- he is a man with good command of poetic stance that holds
his audience spell bound. On this fateful day,28th August 1968, he
stood on the platform to speak to a massive crowd but the penned words
would not be sufficient but the very essence why he was created-one of
the hero of good cause and martyr of the black freedom.
The speech was phenomenal because it was a reality that everyone knew
but they were too lost by the prejudice that cornered them. MLK's
fearlessness was the arrow to the target

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
You're as well a historian, noe tell me what do you think should be
done for Africa to be heaven on earth if possible?

Nothing much of peculiar significance....learn what the forefathers.
Improve on it.....then you're great

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
Now as a writer, what drives you to write?

 First God is my inspiration. Then nature and situation

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
As a person who studied economics, yet you are a writer and freelance
journalist. Do you think you followed your destiny?

Yes. I am fulfilled doing it

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
 Then what can you say about destiny?

In my progenitor's parlance,there is maxim which says thus:
ikunle yan ni adayeba
Adayetan,oju n kan wa ...
meaning.....The divine maker had ordained what we will become before
birth,yet we hurry to make a grwat mark.when we are born.
Destiny is the creator's right that cannot be questioned.
The french says que sera sera
meaning what will be will be...
So the best we can do is to pray and follow where the direction leader

 Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
 This is what inspired me when you speak or when I see your poems.
Your ambiguity kept souls in perplexity. The way you combine them with
Greek, Spanish even Latin.
Well sir, I'm 100% sure you are among the READ ALOUD with US
consulate. Kindly tell us about it and we call it a day

Yes....Read it loud is a writers conglomeration where all gets
themselves a platform to express and the larger world their works
either by performance and reading. It is organised by the Us consulate
to improve reading. Reading culture among the Nigerian youth. and help
grow artistic prowess. And we're expecting our people here to register
and be part of it

Sunsampaul d Philosopher:
Thank you sir for your time

The pleasure is mine sir

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