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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL(a poem by John Chizoba Vincent)

I want to go to school
Where papers draw lines on the sky;
Where we see our future beckoning at us.

I want to learn how to steal with the biro
I want to reveil the hidden lines on the sky;
To reveal the sky' dirtiness to the world.

I want to go to school without a book,
I want to join those barking farmers;
Those farmers without hoes and cutlass yet; they go to farm.

I want to sit among those seated with the moon;
Watch those that fly in the sky without wings,
I want to go and learn how to wet graves with tears.

I want to steal and speak corruption,
Hold Bible on my left hand and, gun
On my right with ease and confidence.

I want learn to write lines that break ribs,
To baptise many with words that change;
I want to go to school to learn change.

I want to learn how to cry under the water,
Learn if fishes ever get thirsty of water;
I want to know why birds don't  fall off trees when they sleep.

I want to go to school and learn why building is  called building when it is already built;
Why they say dogs food is new and improved,
when no one tastes it.

I want to know why and why and
Why pizza is round and  comes in a square box;
Why doesn't glue stick to its bottle,
And why money does not grow on a tree but banks have branches.

I want to go to school and learn why I'm me,
And me and I never agree together when in trouble;
I want to learn why lizard has no hair and why
The sky is white without lines drawn on it.

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