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Saturday, June 25, 2016

THE UNLUCKY DAY(a flash fiction by Sunsampaul Egwu)

     Chidi, a skillful hunter love going to different bushes to hunt,
he has been doing it for decades and has caught a lot of  animals for
his business and family. He will sell many to the butchers in the
abattoir in his village called Nkano in Enugu State. This continues,
and he always feel happy because he uses the income to care for his
family and pay his children school fees.

      One day he was unlucky, he didn't see any animal to hunt, so he
went to a different village called Umasili in the same Enugu State. In
that village there's a place in the bush called animal kingdom, due to
the wide number of wild animals that were said to be the inhabitants.
He reached the animal kingdom late in the evening and was tired, so he
fell asleep almost imperceptibly.

      At early crack of the dawn, Chidi's sleep was disturbed by some
human-like voices. It was a hubbub caused by some animals who seemed
to be in a serious misunderstanding. Chidi realized soon that the
animals were hungry.

      "A hungry man is an angry man," he said to himself. "These
animals would surely be angry since they seems to be hungry. As they
yawned severally and the lions roared in anger and tiredness." I had
better not interfere into their matters," several things he said to
himself silently for the fear of not letting the angry animals to know
a living creature is around.

      Chidi hid himself amidst the bushes for a while, suddenly a
thought came to him to shoot the animals so they'll become afraid and
run. He was scared of shooting them for the fear that they will come
after him. Chidi happens to be a skillful hunter but at this time he
was afraid because the animals were many in number including wicked

    He raised his gun and aimed at the crowd of angry animals , he was
certain that his bullets must kill two to three out of the crowd of
animals. He angrily shoot and the bullet hit one of the animals.
Immediately the animals didn't run away but went after Chidi. Out of
fear Chidi began to run, and shout for help; the animals chased him
and he ran so fast till he fell down from a hill and hit his head on a
rock. The animals thought he was dead as blood was seen gushing out
from his head. For the fear of not going down the dangerous hill that
led to a big river, they all went back. Chidi fell from the hill to
the river, he was drowned and unconscious. He later found himself on
the hospital bed in that same village. He was told by the nurse that
he was rescued by a good Samaritan hunter called Uzor who found him
lying almost dead with blood all over his head and face after he
immediately fell from the hill.

      Two days later Chidi became fine and healthy, he thanked Uzor
who saved his life and appreciated the effort of the nurse. Uzor had
already paid his hospital bill which made him delightful. He journeyed
back to his village to meet his family who had been searching for him
everywhere. On seeing him, his last born Emeka ran and jump on him.
"Daddy,daddy, I've missed you" he shouted joyfully. Chidi entered his
parlour with his family and neighbours who saw him coming, then he
narrated his ugly encounter with the crowd of animals that took place
that unlucky day. He advised his family and neighbours to be contented
with what they've in their village and to avoid battling with wild
animals. He even told them how nice the nurse was to him and how Uzor
saved his life. He added "you all need to be nice not only to your
families or neighbours, but to strangers as well. You never can tell
whom God want you to save, or whom God want to use, to be your
saviour." After all his words, the weather became dull as it was going
to rain, then all the neighbours went home happily for seeing Chidi
alive and for the words of wisdom he filled them with.

#Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher~SEP

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  1. i so much love this . very nice and ins[piring. GOD BLESS THE WRITER