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Saturday, June 25, 2016

TELL THEM(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Tell them our nation's stronghold
Is no longer fit and strong
To hold her prestigious prestige
For her intensive integrity has fallen
And her pride is been used for a ride

Tell them our leaders are not leading
But they're only ruling as weak rulers
Who only care for their bellies
And not what we desire as lilies
Even our graduates sob
Because they've no job
And our universities are now vast cities of cultisms

Tell them our security sags and it pant is blinks
At night we now sleep and wink
Night is now the job of home breakers
Who break and take what is given to us by our maker

Tell them our educational back ground is downtrodden
Because its back has been placed on the ground
Our students now sit with rodents
Their seats are now meats for termites to feast

Tell them the physiognomy of our parents are chitinous
They've nothing to offer but sorrowful tears and bitter bloods
They've been deprived their pensions
And placed under tensions
As their joy are in detentions

Tell them we are tired of the boom boom sounds that raped our minds
And separated us when we abound
For our destinies have been traumatically truncated
And our smiles now pass through excruciating pains in a million miles

Tell them that we need silence
Doesn't mean we should be silenced
For we've been eliminated for our right
Our justice now hide itself in just-hiss
Our peace is torned into pieces
And the truth we need has lost its root indeed

Tell them that we need
Our surroundings to be serene
Doesn't mean we need the sound of a siren
For our hearts bleed each time couples are been carried away as corpses
Let God listen to my cry and try to give a pry before my people dry

Tell them our neighbours are now mosquitoes
Who dine and wine on our bloods that are fine
We pay for electric light but we are using sunlight
Power failure is now a powerful failure
Our economy has become a comic to mimic and remix
So let them give us what we need not what they hid

Tell them the change we seek is not the change we've seen
Let them return to us our transformed transformation
So our lives can be transformed
Instead of been negatively changed by those executhieves in politricks
Who called themselves change changers
Not knowing they're just change chain-ass

#Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher~SEP

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