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Friday, June 10, 2016

THE TALKING TWIN by Sunsampaul Egwu

Many years ago in the village of Echene, babies were able to talk as
soon as they were born. This made it very easy for their mothers to
look after them whenever they felt uncomfortable in any way.

These babies were not wise and so they talked about anything they saw.
If a man with one eye comes to the house, a baby would say "go away
one eyed man" their mothers always had to apologize for these rude
remarks. This made Onwucha the king very angry as many complaints that
were brought to him concerning this talking babies. Some elders said
during their generation they didn't talk, why are babies now talking
in this generation. The king then decided to summon the eye of the
gods who eventually consulted the gods who then decided to make babies
dumb until they were old enough  to talk.

Subsequent years, babies that were born remained dumb until they're
old enough to talk. This happened for 20 years until Mazi Uloko's wife
gave birth to twin that were talking. These babies were not only
talking but were wise and smart. They were born with complete adult
teeth that made most of the villagers perplexed.

One day the king summoned the parent of the twin. He said "This twin
are not human, they don't only talk but came to this world with adult
teeth, they even talk like adults not babies. Such thing is strange
and a curse to our generation, so they must die." The parent pleaded,
cried and cried for the king to spare their lives for the twin happens
to be their only issue after 28 years of marriage, but the king
vehemently refused.

The subsequent day, the king sent his guards to go fetch the twin he
labelled to be evil. When they got there, the twin began to talk. They
narrated the life history of the guards and how their fathers lost
their lives. This made the guards speechless and weak to grab them to
the king. They foolishly went back to the king who got angry and went
to were the twin live. On getting there the twin began to reveal and
narrate the evil the king did. How he killed his senior brother who
happens to be the true heir to the thrown, to become the king, how he
also killed his wife who caught him while he was raping a Virgin who
happens to be a maid in the palace. As all these were said, crowd
gathered in despair and astonishments.

After the twin finished narrating the evil the king has done, the king
became speechless, he drew a sword from one of his guard's sheath to
strike one of the twin in anger but the sword and his hand froze due
to the power in the eyes of the twin that were very active and

The multitude that clustered when the secret of the king was narrated
by the twin, spat at the king, stripped him of his fine linen and
removed the crown and royal beads from him after which they moved him
to the market square naked where he'll be burnt to aches as the
penalty for any murderer as tradition demands.

Two weeks after the horrible disgrace and death of the king. villagers
never seize to bring gift for the twn bless them and reveal things to
them. This made the family of Mazi Uloko to be well respected and the
council of elders decided to crown him king of the kingdom which was
done and all the villagers became happy.
#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher is a poet, instrumentalist, published
writer and a computer science student. He's a pioneer of Ghetto City
of Poetry and the founder of Citadel of Life, a  lover of children and
a life changer with the zeal of helping souls in the slum,  he also
lecture lads and lasses in writing. He started writing when he was six
years. He has written motivational books, such as words of wisdom to
the nation, Turning your plight into your flight,  Words of
Encouragement to the Nation etc. But yet to publish them. He has
published one of his novels titled IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA. it is an
African folktale. He loves reading books like prose, poetry, drama,
bible etc and he love blogging. He blog@
Email: facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu. Tel: 08180861170
Twitter: @sunsaint96

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