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Sunday, May 22, 2016

BOMB IN MY HEAD by Sunsampaul Egwu

Like a glowing blow on my face,
Blasting thunders and drums.
Same way the atilogu dancers beat their drums.
That made me shiver in the slum;
Symphony and synchrony created in my head.
Restless I was.

That sound was a hit,
It was very firing with fire.
But I couldn't feel the heat,
Cos I was lost in pains.
My heart was punctured,
Striking the drum in my ear drum,
Another booming sound came with pains This time on my chest
I couldn't rest
It was very loud
But I couldn't hear its sound;
I only felt the beat.

Like a heavy downpour,
Ready to cause flood.
It rained on me,
Graduated down to my food barn.
I began to feel different sound of keyboardist,
Playing grand piano in my store-mark.
I wasn't at rest
It inches me like the bite of a pest.
My head began to telegraph with death,
I was like "what's left?"

I was scared,
I began to wonder
If it will hijack me to yonder,
So I ponder
If I'm to surrender.
I strive to overcome the bomb that exploded in my head.

This bomb killed a great woman in me,
It killed my muse.
My sight became blur,
And I began to see blood.
Everywhere seems to be in flood.
I was deceived by my sight,
Cos of the the bomb in my head.

I began to shiver like a busy river.
This bomb has got no rival;
That night I travelled to yonder for a minute.
Mama screamed in loud voice for minutes.
I saw another bomb already in flame,
It was burning in me but my body was cold.
My hands were extended to hug the shuffled sky.
Night turned day,
The moon lost it sight in my mind
And left me smiling with comatose.

Blameless I was;
This bomb sent in euphemisms in my thighs,
And it smelt like  sweet poison with choking fragrance.
It left my head to my eyes,
I couldn't think of how to cry.
My teeth were clung.
Suddenly, strong blazing silver spoon find its way in my locked mouth.
It went dip, struggling with my teeth,
My canine died;
Shamefully my face was covered with Olive
It became an expert to taste countless salt.

The salt played scrabble with my eyes,
And my sight died.
This bomb in my head cost me my sight.
This isn't a lie
That sunny night turns into a dark morning for me.
I found myself
On a white bed,
A long thin rope from up sent down watery drops to my vein
I was on drill-hip;
My blood became void.
I suffered from excruciating pains,
The bomb in my head
Swallowed my lung
But I conquered the punches of death.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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