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Monday, April 11, 2016


 My focus is on the mind. Although a very vast topic, but I'd just narrow it down to us as writers.
Every human on earth has been blessed with a very important asset.
The MIND is a very important tool for creation or destruction.
I'd just ask a short question. Who can define the word 'Mind'?
*⃣  Answer:
To me I don't think mind can be define, buts its our ability to think and pass judgment on things*⃣
OK .you tried.
In Psychology, the mind is that place where conscious or unconscious mental activities are processed before action.
According to Webster's Dictionary, the mind is the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc. All of these make up the human mind.
So, as writers, and as humans, we are to make good use of our minds.
I call the mind a workshop; not just any workshop, but a highly creative one. It expands to as far as you want it to. Therefore, this workshop, although small, cannot be limited.
In the mind, you are
Nest your ideas
Dominate boundaries.
These four can move your works to another level.
The mind is one of the best or worst places in the human body. Anybody who knows how to take charge of their minds can virtually do anything.
I saw a 3D cartoon today, and it dawned on me that the major character (Barbie) actually sees herself in her mind accomplishing some difficult task, and she reproduces it in the physical, thereby winning in the process.
The mind is a very sacred place, and should either be well taken care of, or allow it to be dormant and unproductive.
In the Bible, it is stated that we should renew our minds constantly. Clear out all the junk in that bunk, and begin to make it serve you well as a writer.
No writer can achieve much with a messed up mind.
The junks in the bunk could be problems surrounding you, but you can use your creative mind to reproduce a beautiful story or poem with these challenges, because at that point, all the attributes of the five senses are invoked.
Our topic of focus THE MIND; the writer's creative workshop will be dealing on how we can as writer make proper use of the unique section of our brain.
Work your brain...!
Creativity is first conceived in the mind. You can create scenes, actions, words, build, destroy, etc all in this chamber.
There is virtually no one either in the Arts or Sciences that does not have something from their. In fact, every imagine, but many are afraid to create.
As a thespian, I was taught to improvise. You can't improvise if your mind is not allowed to stretch.
Provisation can be done anywhere, either in the workshop or anywhere, thus you stand to be limitless in every aspect of your creative exercise. Nothing stops you.
Writers are radical creators. They allow their imaginations to run wild, and then go ahead to accomplish a task.
I said, in the mind, you are;
Nesting your ideas
Dominating boundaries.
If you are not motivated, you cannot do your research to write intelligently, and if you don't nest your creative ideas  you cannot dominate boundaries...
Let's move on. Now, I noticed that there are actually ways to task your mind...
Let's consider these rules
1⃣  Give yourself certain periods of alone time to think through your thoughts. Eliminate the bad thought by not dwelling on them. Focus on the beneficial ones.
*Think through your thoughts. Some thoughts are not capable of bringing to you positive creative results in your writing.
THE MIND; the writer's creative workshop.
2⃣  Begin to explore areas in your mind that you can start creating something. For example, you have an idea about a story you want to write, focus on that only. Totally immerse yourself in that moment. This is the reason why most writers like their 'alone moments'.
Alone moments are very precious to any writer. Ask them, and you'll get all kinds of weird answers. For me, when I want to writer, and I am in the midst of people, I implore the use of 'selective hearing'. I create a padded wall in my mind, and people's voices begin to fade out, that way, I am drawn into my alone moment, then I begin to scribble.
The mind cannot be limited!
3⃣  Learn something new everyday. You can learn from:
*Your environment: the happenings around, discussions among people
*Reading books: you need someone's work to task your mind to wander into the scenario, thereby engaging all your five senses. In fact, as a writer, if you haven't gotten to the point where you see, feel, touch, taste, and hear in your works, then you haven't allowed your mind to take proper position of its power.
4⃣  Produce great ideas. In the workshop of your mind, you are not allowed to shut out ideas creeping towards recognition. It in fact is your time to grasp onto those ideas. Make them come alive. Sieve through.
You do this by:
*Avoiding limitations. Limitations are a killer of the creative mind.
*Expand your imagination. Even Moses was told to stretch his vision when God spoke to him. He looked (in his mind) as far as he could see. Expand your mind when you have a photograph on an artwork before you. Try to imagine what the picture is all about. See what others can't see. If possible try to write something from what you saw in the work of art, and you'll be amazed at what will surface. I try that a lot. Art works most times influence my imagination (mind).
You can also expand your mind by merely listening to someone talk. It could be that in that little time, you'd grasp a picture, words or phrases that can spark off something. You can begin to create in your mind whilst the person is still yapping away
5⃣  Stay away from creativity door shutters. These people are:
Those who think you are not creative enough. Stick around them though, but learn to discern when they are being cynics or critiques. If an amateur young writer faces either, he may not be able to handle it. He might feel discouraged in the process.
Learn to create ideas in your mind, then eliminate what you do not need for your workshop to be fully equipped and ready for the writing task.
You can't write with a crowded mind. Do a thorough spring clean...
6⃣  Widen your perspective. Yes, do this always. Carve out new paths, thereby carving a niche for yourself. You must not relapse solely into someone else's style. Define you. Work your mind. Writing style and all that. Define your category/genre(s). This will boost your confidence. Avoid demeaning acts in you mind.
When I say demeaning acts, I mean actions that will not help you progress in your writing lifestyle. Not everyone can take note of this.
My next point is most important to me as well as other writers...
7⃣  Do not be afraid to share your creative 'Aha! Eureka!' Moments with your band of writing clique. It will help you help them too. They too will begin to use their minds as you speak to them. At that point, ideas begin to connect. I call it a collective uniformity of thoughts/ideas. Everyone listening to one, and several minds drawing strength. This is in fact a great exercise for the writer's mind.
Eureka means Voila in French, it also means 'Finally!' Or 'This is it!' Or that moment when you get something right, and you exclaim in sheer excitement. It is that moment when the light bulb comes on
Many writers are protective of what they have inside
That's why many don't share
Truth is, no writer writes alone
8⃣  Attend creative writing workshops to help your own creative writing workshop to function properly. The more you do this, the more you become better at what you do. Iron sharpens another iron, but if an iron tries to sharpen a wood, you know the result...
When I say that, it doesn't mean the times they go to their writing study, for that alone time
All I am simply saying it that they had times when they met with other writers...
Read point. 8
They usually have fellowship moments
Ok, so... Let me give the last point
My last point
9⃣ Put in great creative effort. Don't allow your mind to be dormant for any reason; even if you do not write something long, just tap on your ideas, and work on a line or two.
Imagine if an upholster wants to create/make an out of this world settee, he'd bring out a pen, paper, and his mind. He does not just get is at one sitting. He tries severally on paper before he brings it to life, using all the carpentry tools. If he can, you too can.
You need your workshop functioning so that people who read your works can be transported to many locations without boundaries.
Your mind is a place of endless creativity. ..
Nurture it!

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