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Monday, April 11, 2016


Have you ever wondered where you may find yourself in some 2-3, maybe 5 years time? Realistically, do you see a bigger picture of you or something less?? I assume we would all say bigger but only you can tell if you're actually being honest with yourself. Great.
We all have greatness inside of us. We all are called to make a difference in the lives of others. Greatness is not just for a particular set of people. However how often do we visualize our own potential for greatness? The only difference between you and those that have achieved a measure of greatness is that they have done things that you have failed to do. What are these things then? You may ask!
1) They have gained CLARITY.
What's our perception of clarity? Anyone?   
They have been known and recognized of whom they are
Any other person's idea of clarity? 
They discovered d greatness in them and work towards it
Good In the simplest Layman term, clarity means I understand my dreams perfectly, I know what my purpose is and I am going for it. However expanded or simplified.
This is what clarity is about So CLARITY tells you what exactly you are existing for. It's the first question you must always ask yourself What is my core? What is my purpose? What is my message? What do I stand for? Everyone,  implicitly or explicitly, want their lives to stand for something. 
To have its own unique meaning So this leads you to discovering what your passion is. I would have begun by asking everyone what their passion is. This is not the simplest question. You may be amazed how you struggle to squeeze yourself into so many titles But is this really you? Are you really living your dream or someone else's? Your passion MUST be an integral part of you that cannot be taken away. It's your identification! Clarity would help you discover this. With this, you may also want to ask yourself the next question....
2) What exactly are my dreams, goals and aspirations? It's not enough to have passion. But your passion can never be ignited without GOALS The goal is the POWER HOUSE. It is the healing Magic! So I may be a writer. What exactly do I stand for as a writer? Then I may say, to become a voice for the voiceless, to motivate and to inspire.
Then what am I doing to achieve this end? Storm these questions in the silence of your thoughts, your inner self would be awakened! When you find the answers, you may want to ask yourself another question...
3) Why do you want it?
This is the VISIONAIRE's question. The "Why" will guide you towards making lifetime decisions.
Before anything, always  ask yourself not just what your dreams are but why exactly you want to achieve them. Why do you want to become a poet? Why do you want to become a public speaker?
Is it because my friends are or because I have a purpose to achieve with it If you're not sure why you want to thread that path, then chances are it's probably not for you,.
Know your onion!
If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything When you have understood your "WHY" which is the vision towards achieving your goal, then you want to know "HOW" You can't escape the why's and the how's You can't escape the why's and the how's Do you sometimes wonder why some people are so celebrated but when you look at their capabilities, you realize that you CAN do better! But why not me? Why am I not noticed? Don't you wonder? If you don't ask yourself these "shameless" questions sometimes, well I do. You want to know why? Because If I don't compete with myself, I could never progress! All it takes to maximize your core potentials is finding answers to questions as these and acting upon the answers So example is this.
Ada and Ola are writers each on different fields. Ada runs a blog, writes all day and night, attends seminars, Joins intellectual whatsap groups, streamlines her contacts to those of purpose, but Ola is just a writer who writes when the inspiration storms. Ada wins all forms of scholarships and awards but Ola gets none. But Ola is a better writer than Ada. Why not him? Lol logically, the answer is already clear. Whilst you harness your dreams and vision, and set goals, make yourself prepared for opportunities that will come with it because they surely will come 
Many of us are what I call "Wardrobe writers". We write for our eyes only. We are even scared to show others our stuff for fear of criticism, even when we share, and the criticisms roll in, we get all feisty You are not preparing yourself for greatness because to be great, you've got to be known.
That's the
Put your abilities out there. Do things! Try try and keep trying. Watch how others are doing it, do yours! Start from little, and watch yourself storm into greatness It’s a misery for an opportunity to arrive and find you unprepared… Finally you should always ask yourself "When" Watch how important the why, how and when questions are vital And for me, there's no thinking it.
When always goes for me as "NOW" I always say to my friends, "E don already happen before e happen". This is the visionaire's mind. As long as you envision it, nothing should stop you! I saw a short but funny Facebook post from Tiencepay today that went
I find that hilarious because I could relate.
The idea is that you can't do it all now but if your mind is always on the NOW, you'd get most of it done before you know it and the chances for self-doubt and FEAR will be less It's almost psychological You can actually TIME your success strategically "(but that would be going into another topic)" basically, success is learned and mastered! We only need to decide critically When we want it and the answer to when should always be “Now”! Dreams are hard to follow but with clarity, and consistency, we can actually achieve all of them one after the other.
Last year left me with a testimony I'd always be grateful to share. When I conceived a project #ChildHero to reaching out to the less privileged, I was not sure how this will happen. I took a risk I never shared with anyone as am always weary of Negative vibes. When I threw out a call for entry for the short story contest on my blog as a part of the campaign, I wanted to do a movie in line with the story and a one-on-one with the children.
When I threw out the call for entry, I was not sure about the rest. Nothing was working. But it was all done in my head. I'd shot this film and done the street reach out but in reality, it was just me and this contest on my blog. But I kept pushing and whilst the contest was on, I was working out means upon means, getting turned down and fighting back. The rest is history now for those who made it to the funfair.
What's the point, when your mind is on the GOAL, and your when is NOW.
But trust God and trust yourself that you will achieve any end you wish towards maximizing your potential. You already heard this "What you put out to the Universe is what you get back” What's your energy status saying towards achieving your goals? And it all boils down to CLARITY.

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