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Monday, April 11, 2016


 Good evening Dears. I am blessed to be amongst you all.
As you have read from the memoir I am a lover of nature. I believe if we take a closer look at nature the world would be a better place.I encourage each of us to take a keen look at one of the smallest and stubborn insect
Facts about the ant
1⃣ The ant is the most successful insect.
Some information we should all know is the Insects are the most successful organisms on earth. They are found in all conditions of earthly life. Their bodies adapt in the most beautiful way to their environment.Of all the insects the ant takes the lead.
2⃣The ant carries objects as large as 5 times its weight.
This is not only because of its cuticle skeleton but mainly because of its NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE. The ant never backs down
3⃣The ant has no leader yet it does every work diligently.
The queen ants carry out reproduction for three years, The worker ant makes sure all ants are well fed,they search for food with accuracy. In addition they grow GARDENS
Did u know... Ants do farming?? Ants also build the Majestic ANT hill.Compare their ANT hill to their small size.
4⃣ The ant works in a team...It works as a family.
When an ant finds makes sure the whole ant land knows.Its never selfish. It makes sure it leaves paths for the others to find its treasure. It does not keep treasure for itself
5⃣ The ants saves for the worst
In dry season it saves for the wet season.It makes sure there is enough to go through that period
Wonderful Lessons to learn from the ant
1⃣ Its not about your size its all about your attitude
2⃣Teamwork is the best option always
3⃣Dont be selfish. Everyone matters
4⃣Always save. The future always matters more than your present
5⃣Dont forget your family and your friends. Find a way to help them.i.e. Dont be selfish
6⃣Work as if the whole world is on your shoulders. Coz the truth is that it is on your shoulders.
7⃣ The ant doesnt care what others are upto. As long as it does its work diligently
8⃣Persevere to the end. The ant NEVER GIVES UP
9⃣The ant is an opprtunist. It makes the best of every situation
🔟 Ants are organized. They communicate. Scientists are yet to decifer their language.
Please lets communicate. We will get more organised.
Finally friends dont leave this wisdom here. Don't be the selfish greedy grasshopper.
Well then I bid everyone fair well. I have extra Lectures on the ant, lion, and the eagle. Contact me via comment in  if you're interested. Thank you once again!

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