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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

LET US PRAY by Sunsampaul Egwu

Let us pray
For our nation to have strong hold,
So the venoms of the chitinous wind won't splash on us,
And our lives won't be swept under the rug
Due to the sprayed 33 bullets reeling around us.
Let us pray
For the lives of our children
That have no one to care for them.
Most of them been swallowed by grotesque dust that romanced them,
Others went stupor with cholera.
Diseases are now clothes they wear,
Malaria now rhymes they hum.
And for our chibok girls Whom death is weeping for but afraid to grabbing.
More than 700 days we've not seen them,
Even though the sun pout her lip at them.
Let us pray
For our tertiary institutions
That have become a dungeon for students.
Cultists cutting our future leaders with Cutty.
Making them swim in excruciating pains
As they salivate the ornament of instant death
That finger her nose in front of them.
Let us pray for the heads of our nation.
That they will become good leaders not bad rulers,
So we won't sleep with one eye open,
And our tongues won't engage in combat with our teeth
Like one afraid of death when surrounded with dirt.
Let us pray
For those terrorists terrorizing our territories,
Making us foreigners in our own land.
As our heads are hung upside down
While we run from the catacomb that appear amidst us,
And the poisonous poison that are poisoning our surrounding
In disguise of boom boom sound
Splitting bodies to become dust.
Let us pray
For unity among us,
So there will be peace not piss.
And we can have justice not just tease
So there'd be no segregation,
No diversity, no hatred, no war;
So we all we live as one to make a better nation,
A better NIGERIA!
NB: Cutty is a slang in confraternity and among cultists that means a sharp cutlass that inflicts excruciating pains that lead to instant death while it cuts
‪#‎Sunsampaul‬ Egwu

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