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Monday, November 23, 2015

BEWARD (poem by Sunsampaul)


Don't be perplex when you hear the boom boom sound of boko's alarm
Like a trumpet, it will fall the wall of your heart
Giving you heart attack
Shattering bodies in the space of air

Don't be dumbfounded when you hear
That the viral diseases are widespread
Eliminating 30% of souls monthly
Increasing our death rate
Making us to purchase melancholy without epiphany of symphony

Won't you be happy to
Hear that the chibok girls are back , safe and sound
Or you think it isn't possible
Why give up on God
While He is still on the throne
Why give up on your leaders
While they are on duty
Just believe chibok girls will be back soon

I deduce you haven't heard this
Just know that my prowess is from inspirations, imaginations and experiences
Why can't you be radical and passionate for
What you love doing
For when you are passionate
You will touch life with your muse

Beware, I tell you most solemnly to beware
For the fact that you sing
Doesn't make you a song
For the fact that you act
Doesn't make you a movie
For the fact that you motivate
Doesn't make you an inspiration

For the fact that you write Doesn't make you a book
For the fact that you are a comedian
Doesn't make you a joke
For the fact that you are a poet
Doesn't make you a poem
For the fact that you dance
Doesn't make you a rhythm
For the fact that you rap
Doesn't make you a rhyme

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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