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Friday, November 27, 2015

BLACK AND WHITE (poem by Akintola Akindele)

Black and white

Whites stand for good,
Black stands for evil,
Black represent  the devil,
White represent the angels

I disagree with this,
I believe not in this,
I am black,
I am not a devil

Black is beautiful,
Black is caring,
Black is rare,
Black is gold

Black is Luther King,
White is Adolf Hitler,
Black is Idi Amin,
White is Abraham Lincoln

Never judge a book,
By a single chapter,
Never judge someone,
With their skin color

Look carefully,
And you will separate the goats from sheep,
Study patiently,
And you will separate weed from crops

Short Biography
Akintola Akindele Abdulqadir is a poet, writter and aspiring lawyer who goes with the pen-name Abu Tolha, He has written few poems and short story like Dilemma, contentment, sweet pain, My mother, wedding night published on his site.
He hails from osun  state and lives currently in the state capital, osogbo. He can be contacted on this number 08176370504 and email here

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