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Saturday, January 14, 2017

BOND OF LOVE Episode 2 By Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher

Maxwell said to her " hi! angel, I've been sitting there since watching how you dress, your beauty is indeed a blessing to this generation, you're a bundle of uniqueness, sitting there I could perceive the angelic fragrance that comes from your skin. See how your face radiate light into this entire place. You're no doubt a classic Lady"

While saying all these Agnes was busy smiling and blushing at the same time. Maxwell took her then something happened

Maxwell could read the meaning on her physiognomy that he's making a good impression in her and that in no time she will succumb when he propose to her.

Agnes amidst ecstasy said. Oh! Thank you dear for this unending accolades, I'm Agnes but friends call me Agy. With joy Maxwell  came closer to hug her saying I'm Maxwell, nice meeting you Angel, he then kissed her hand.

While in the club they both talked about many things ranging from life to love to lust to sin to school to clubbing .

They both drank and danced together, suddenly Agnes became tipsy, she have no knowledge of what is going on with her. She was reacting to the alcohol. This made Maxwell happy he said to himself "Wow I'm glad she's tipsy, I'll take her home quickly and enjoy myself, I can't afford to miss this huge hip. So he took her home and to her, he............

Let's see what happens next. Drop comment of your guess in the blog pls

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