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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LOVE LIKE A LIE(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

And when I say I miss you
You say I am full of misery
And when I say I love you
You laugh and say fool
But one day when I leave you
You'll look to the memories
We built like an empire
And miss the one you pushed away

The one you made cry
You beat me and my daughter
Day and night without rest
The one that felt loving you
Was a prison in the abyss
With the torment you put in my heart.

Still I loved you unconditionally
If love was a prayer I'll be on my knees
If love was a flavour I'll drink from fountains of
touch a heart with nature
Two made one
Glued with love a bond so strong
Our love is forever,you and I apart Never,I feel
this love's fever taking
me higher.

Was it a song that we sang,
the first day that we met
In your eyes I saw the stars and your smile lights
the sky,
was it love that I felt my heart held in your hands
Every minute I spend miles away from you makes
my heart stop
A body without a soul.

A heart without a beat
Far away from your reach that is like not existing
all I want is to be with you.
Don't conform to conformity
Be unique let your talent speak
Loud enough to be a bridge to a world of art.
Like words you the artist
Words are your paint

Imagination are your inspiration
Don't force it let it flow remembering
Inspiration to be like respiration
Be unique don't conform to conformity
It was a lie that caused man to fall
It is a lie that has no light at all.
It was a lie that shook nations
Bringing revolts not controlled.

It is a lie that makes us blind
Sometimes binds us in ignorance.
A lie's a disease
The truth is the cure
Even in love, one tends to leave
Look with light, you’ll see lies
Creeping like a mere shadow
Unnoticed it can destroy
Even things we really adore.

The fun talks, the crazy laughs
The words whispered
The kiss shared
The touch felt and your arms in mine.
The gaze at the stars, the smell of food in the
air signaling your presence
In our home...

Your goodnight jokes
Your good morning kisses
Your wake up call whispered to my ears
Your every touch brings memories
And tells me of a bright future
Never I alone without you.
you always in my heart.

Words are razor sharp to our souls.
Words are flaming arrows to our being
Words can build or can break.
It is great, but not always the same.
Words can bring the worst or the best.
It will either bless, or make you less.
"Its on my desk stop being a pest"

Pause, watch!, you've hurt someone's heart
See just like that words can be dangerous
Be careful not to get your mouth full of words
that's not cool
Seeing the world as words
Bridges of truth, lines of lies.
Oceans of love, rivers of sorrow
looking At how people sleep like the breeze.
Never to rise again.
It's a world of art painted with words
Its a sword of truth crafted with wisdom and

Its the spirit of poetry
Like the rain cooling our thirst
Looking with this eye to spy
A world of words
That continues to no end.
The rain of Love comes unexpected, might bring
pain,yet the thirst of your
heart is quenched...Love stays the same.
Love like a lie
Homo sapiens lie that they love
All are infatuations.
Only true love is the truth

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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