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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FAERY TALES(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Faces are different
So I  don't believe in faery tales
Wearing mask like skeleton
but seeing you in that merry veil
has made my heart sink in happy hails
like an extinction of fear and doubt
Faces become dark and strange.

Like a rejuvenation of unending love
Faces weeping out tears turn blood
like a heart with sudden pulse from happy
endings that fuels eternal
beings. i know Being with you completes me.
even though i don't believe in
faery tales

In the cold of one's heart there's flickering lights
of hope. dawned from
the one they hold in the hands of love.
What more can one desire than this orchestrated

What more can one ask for, than this
unforgettable dame.
The manuscript to happiness is concealed in her
The pathways to blissfulness is engraved in her

The road to eternal love is mapped in her eyes...
Though i'm a saint.
I still make mistakes.
The stake of Drake everyone waiting to prove
that i'm a fake.
they say its fate
Life always catching you high in a state
Ups and downs hope not to drown
Always worrying what tomorrow will take from
Never adding a light of smile in my dark tunnel of
so called happiness.
I'm a saint, I still make mistakes.
The puss of hatred seeping through the hearts of
germinating youths.

Taught by ignorant fathers to live in a world
where milk and coffee does
not mix.
separated by nothing but blinded ambitions of
superiority based on the
paintbrush used by God.

Man's love for "perfect “art blinds it to The
masterpiece of unseen beauty
in the hearts of each individual on earth.
Don't judge by what you see.
Look deeply at the face before you leap.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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