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Thursday, February 18, 2016

MY LAWFUL LOVE(a poem by Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A. )

Who shall I make my wife was the beat of sanity my heart was dancing to when she scantily catwalked by, with her skimpy, micro mini numbing bum short.

I could tell of her the sweetness of death in her eyes as she dazzlingly lure my emotions to pitfall.
She seduced my mind as I almost became her Samson, with my dreadlock to be shaved off.
She was the Delilah of time wastage.

But how many will I tell of this invisible lust?
The lust that lost me in the land of lost.
But on my journey to the lost-full catacomb of the lustfulcomb,
The Love-full which is lawful is what beckons on me.

How many will I tell of this love?
How many will love this love I love?
How best can I expressly express this feeling?
My lawful Love-full is not a fool
My heart is full of this love;
Give me a console to broadcast this iconic love that is not crazy but filled with beautiful craze.
This is an angelic love,
My Dulia, My SuPerWoMan

Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A.
18/2/2016 2:53pm

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