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Thursday, February 18, 2016

CHARITY OF IWALEWA (a poem by Olaleye Samuel Abiodun E.A)

I was entrapped to write to this piece
Going on a voyage of rumination.
I finally fell into ocean of thought of the woman of my dream
Have not seen one but I saw someone like her.

At this sight, I became a diligent student in the school of romance
I was seated in the class of Angelology
I offered Angelus with my hands crossed for your fate to cross my way
A fortiori, I almost mistaken you for Angeleno.

Ask me a woman of substance and clarity,
And I will show the Angelic Charity.
Ask me a lady of great fidelity,
And I will show the Angelic Charity.
A woman of virtue and quality
Inestimably complex and full of capability.
Her passion lies in the strength of her capacity.
Let me tell you of her ability
She is a vault of pure heart and sincerity
Her state of reasoning is nothing but sagacity
Her actions and thought are the outplay of her fecundity
My heart travelled in gravity
At the sight of the rapidity of Charity's essentiality.
I still cant believe this sight of angel in reality
Iwalewa Charity, the dream of all men,
The helmswoman of the virtue's vault
This is my telic that Richard should work hard before men do him hard.
Let my quail stop dancing before I find myself entangled with agraphia.

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