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Friday, April 22, 2016


As the captured air accelerates into breath;
Breath that was placed in bad health,
Like those animals in the zoo,
Reacting like they live in the loo.
Where their rumbling stomachs kill their hopes
To hang crucifix on them with ropes.

They need to taste the aroma of freedom,
Cos they've been tormented with boredom.
A war fought different wars with spittle,
Graves died since they were belittled.
Indigenes become foreigners in their own land,
Their futures have been covered with sand.

Stones blocking the air in tombs,
Many with no life in their wombs.
Trekking to an oblivion near abyss and purgatory,
Like they suffered the life in evil dormitory.
Their heads were used to break the alabaster,
As they were flogged like the last bastard.

When freedom is summoned,
Their two hands go wide and murmured.
Their faces talking with breeze,
Mouth open like volcanic eruption without ease.
As air of freedom sleep in their brains,
Just as the sun cried out rain.

Their tears turned blood,
And their eyes become blur.
They were spat on as if they were weak cats,
Same way they were trampled on as if they were spread mats.
Smile seize to jubilate with them,
As they pray to witness death.

They need freedom from this dungeon,
They've suffered even more than a surgeon.
Their faces have been clustered with stripes like tribal marks,
Canes created zebra crossing on their backs.
The only song they want to hear is that of dirge;
Yet death refuse to come.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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