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Thursday, February 11, 2016

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

What would you do,
If you open your door
And find death standing attention in front.
Death just like a thief,
Comes to behead the chief.
Death came piercing with his sword,
Taking souls out of this world.
Like the wind, it gets to everywhere.
No one has the chance to run anywhere.

What would you do,
If you close your eyes
And find them unable to open.
Death came on a foggy night,
Strangled grandpa on cold blood.
The scene shocked us
And tears like flood
Rolled down our cheek.
He suffered from excruciating pains,
He pleaded, but death said 'it's not needed.'

What would you do,
If you were visited
By the salutation of death.
I taught you're meant for gaffers
Until you poisoned my beloved sister
In the pool of blood.
She breathed her last,
In shock I stammered,
Speechless and blameless I was,
She was an innocent girl of Four.
Then I realize you are not for gaffers alone.

What would you do,
If you open your dish to dine
And you saw the inscription 'death' on your piece of meat.
Death has no break light,
Not even a traffic jam,
He comes uninvited.
Death comes in blue, yellow and green light.
He comes with dread
Showing the sign of red light.
Then you'll wonder who is his next line.

What would you do,
If in a year, death galloped in your vicinity thrice
Will you fast or cry? Will you run or pray?
Will you use a spray?
Will you even joke and play?
Will you tell him to stay?
Will you plead and pay?
Will you have a word to say?
Death is a punctured killer,
He comes with punches to punch,
He punctured and tortured,
Daddy passed through his test and failed,
Death took him to a tour in haste.

What would you do,
If death decide to play a scrabble with you as game,
He came with an ugly smile again.
He smiled on dad's friend, my mentor with fame.
He took away my joy,
As if dad wasn't enough for him drain.
He drugged my mentor,
I'm in pains.
The shock pierced my heart,
I was downtrodden, pale and ill.

What would you do,
If death gives you a handshake.
Will you turn it down, and face his wrath?
Will you accept it, and trade his path?
Will you plead, and lie on his mat.
Will you run without looking back.
Death can suck your succulent breast.
Death dances to the rhythm of his own tune.
Death is a respecter of no man.
Death has bitten more than he can chew.

#Sunsampaul d Philosopher

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