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Monday, February 22, 2016

THE GAME by Williams.A.Beloved .

If you are into politics , you are definitely playing the real game.
This is not anyone's fault and they are not to be blamed,
The rules of the game is what they abide on.
If you and me are into the game, I know things would be over do.
Our heart has been polished dark .
We don't fear any one neither our creator nor the covenant ark.

Oath is just like an anthem you must read,
This game is not meant to feed all, but to fetch them everlasting bread .
The game is meant for smarter and sharper minds,
No one cares for brethren, everybody is after is own find .
This is the game factual reality,
Though all the prank is vanity.

The game is not for the lame ,
The game is not for people who think of shame.
The game is for the people with no conscience .
The game is for the people who have lost their patience .
The game is for the people who are earthly minded.
The game is for people who are demonic bonded.

The game is now a count of scores,
You shed bloods and count the score of human skulls.
No loss , no cross to bear than to go and shop in hull.
This is the filthy game of politics ,
And our leaders are no more morally didactic,
This is the new game of politics.

Corruption is the main man in the game ,
And the players are after money and fame.
This is the game everyone in pursuit of wealth are after,
They play with sweat words in campaigns and change their agenda aftermath,
These game is for the wealthy and greedy,
Which gives no path to the needy.

The Game.

Williams.A.Beloved .

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