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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LET NIGERIA BE NIGERIA AGAIN(a poem by John Chizoba Vimcent)

Let Nigeria be Nigeria again.
Let the flag demonstrate peace
Let the coat of arms be unity,
Let it be the hero it used to be.
Let it be the dream that elevate,
Let it be the love it used to be,
Uplifting its masses in prosperity.

Let Nigeria be the hand that feed many,
Let it be the great eyes that watches its children;
We many fall at the sight of fear that kills,
Let it be the dream that lift us up again.
Let it tradition come back to its abode,
Let Nigeria be the Nigeria that create hope
That take its masses to progress and blessing.

Let it be heaven on earth for us all;
A paradise which dominate the world.
My country, my home, my home, my country;
Let's anthem and pledge be the way it used to be.
Let real oppotunities be the way it used to be,
Life, a free and wonderful journey to us all.
The ghotto children taken care of by the leaders,
Let us go back to where we began before 1914.

Let Nigeria go back to it root and branches,
Let it root stand and never be uprooted.
Let us see the lines drawn on the sky and
Cease to be afraid of the air we breath.
Let Terrorism go into extinction like before
When we have none but hear only from others.
Let killing and shading of innocent blood stop,
Let Nigeria be Nigeria again and again.

Let Nigeria be Nigeria again I pray,
Let's  go back to the farmers we were known for.
Let plant the coco we were known for,
Let's drink sapale water in a round surface table,
Let's Nigeria tales be told as it used to be.
Let the leaders be the leaders they used to be,
Let the church be the Church again and
Our colleges and universities, a place of learning.

I am a child of tears who have seen no progress,
I cry and pray for my country everyday and night.
Let discrimination and tribalism stop immediately!
Let bribery and corruption stop at this moment!
Who says the youths have no dream for the country?
Who says we are not learned or rather we can not
Control a country to good?
When is the future when a man of seventy two is still in the office as a president while a man of Fifty; educated and capable is sleeping at home?

I have been abused in my own country,
My fellow poets are wailing down town;
What have we not done to better this country?
Our hands are always on desks interpreting the words
Of the gods, when shall we be remembered?
Let Nigeria be Nigeria again I pray!
Nigeria was never the Nigeria I used to know as
I write this in tears of the imprisoned rain.

Who shall redeem us now because we as
The eyes of the country must be redeemed?
I see suffering and pains in this country;
I see a Nigeria that seek for itself rather than
It masses who stand as its offspring day and night.
Our generation is messed and forgotten by the leaders
Let Nigeria be the Nigeria again I pray.

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