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Friday, February 5, 2016

Death is not death Duet by: Vine (Vinedepoet) Ayomikun (DaTalent)

When death does its worst
And all seems lost,
Wear off the pain my dear
For death deserves not our tear.
Put up a smile
For this is not the end of the mile
Weep no more,
For he sleeps now but wake by morn

When death comes knocking,
He comes with weeping,
Stealing away our hero,
And leaving in our heart a big zero.
And after his visit is done,
We are left but wretched and torn.

Death leaves me in wonder
And like a wanderer
it's strength i ponder;
Of its ways I found none
O, What a phenomenon!
Weep no more!
For he sleeps now but wake by morn

Death. What a friend,
Though may seem fiend
Yet carries us on his back
And leads us on our 'home track.
I gloat at death's visit,
Its glacial hug; my sole soul feat

Save thy worry,
Need not to hurry:
When our sojourn is over,
With Celestials we'd hover,
We will not quiver nor shiver.
Dry thy grief river that abound
Ere, our Maker will come around.

Life is delicate
Death obliterate; cycle of fate
Lighten up ye bereaved
And let not your heart be deceived
Death is but another phase
That'll take you to your creator's place.

Let this feeling not have  you pierced
For Death was  conquered before it's existence

Death may cloak my glee
With its glossy scarf
Erelong, together we would be
With unending laugh.
I love you so much my dear
That I'd forever sacrifice to you my tear.

Death is not death
It's only our vehicle to eternity from earth
Thy brother is only on a nap while he journeys
So leave all for the Great Attorney
For the judgement is for only Him
And soon we'd all meet again in the realm
Take heart!
Let my words bring thee comfort
So you can stand fit to go forth
Weep no more!
For death is not death

This threnody is inspired by the death of DaTalent's brother.
# R.I.P  --------------------------------------------------------------------

Ogunjimi Elizabeth Ayomikun aka DaTalent  is a Poet and a Law student
of OOU. She hails from Ogun State, Nigeria. The deceased is her

Bio 2.
Izuchukwu Vine Evulukwu  aka Vinedepoet is a bard, Mass Com student @
NOUN, Entrepreneur and Motivational speaker. He hails from Abia State
Contact: 08161269900

Published by :CITADEL OF LIFE

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