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Friday, February 12, 2016

ASH WEDNESDAY(a poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)

Ash Wednesday,
A day when ash made its way on people's forehead,
Becoming an artist,
Creating sign of the cross with dignity,
Souls turning a leave of purity,
Pride galloped into humility,
Lies jumped into sincerity,
Cheat made way for integrity,
Hatred bow for love.

Ash Wednesday,
A day when the atmosphere becomes holy,
Pews filled up,
Churches now the abode of terrorists,
Sadists turn a new leave,
Bandits do away with their addict,
Everyone run to good habit,
So at the end they won't feel the heat,
Coming from hell on the last day.
Ash Wednesday,
A day when we flew from sin,
In the club we don't want to be seen,
Sinners turn saints,
Embracing holiness,
Studying the bible,
Observing quiet time,
Visiting the sick,
Giving arms to the poor,
Helping the needy,
Praying for the living and the dead.
Ash Wednesday,
A day that mark repentance,
When Lenten season is invited.
The of sound Instruments lost its way in mistiness,
No one feel the mood of loneliness,
Churches clustered with believers,
Hymns transformed into solemn mood,
While souls sing as they gather in hood.
Ash Wednesday,
A day when colour changed.
Green turns Violet,
Souls matching to stations of the cross,
As they are prepare to carry their cross.
The race is filled with silence,
Everyone afraid of being silenced,
No one want to plead less.
Ash Wednesday,
A day when meat is abstained,
Fasting obtained,
Salvation regained.
Prayers now priority,
Filling the atmosphere of our territories,
Incense speed up to heaven in serenity,
Candles weeping on our behalf without pity.
Ashe Wednesday,
A day when the voice of halleluya seized,
Glory and praise to you lord is chanted,
Souls emerged in solemn tune,
As if they are singing dirge to the moon.
A journey of forty days commenced,
A journey that will lead to the resurrection.
Resurrection of faith,
Resurrection of hope,
Resurrection of love.
Ash Wednesday,
A day when the readings changed.
Seven times he spoke,
Seven words came from him.
He passed through sorrows
That we may see tomorrow,
Even when the road is narrow.
Unto dust we come,
Unto dust we go.
The spirit of lent
Begins with this day
Ash Wednesday.
‪#‎Sunsampaul‬ d Philosopher

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