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Friday, January 22, 2016

CITADEL OF LIFE LECTURE #By Kolawole Taiye Paul #Hosted by Sunsampaul

I'm Kolawole Taiye Paul, a publish poet and student of English and
Literary study at Kogi state University Anyiagba, Kogi State. I'm also
the assistant co-ordinator of Ghetto City Of Poetry. Today I'll be
discussing the topic:
 Reconstrustion of our minds for a liberating ART:The kind of writing
that facilitates 'change.'

 For the sake of 'proper understanding,' the following 'key' terms are
defined by oxford advanced dictionary(8th edition)

The activity of building again something that has been damaged or
destroyed: the  reconstruction of the  of the sea walls

Your ability to think and reason;your intelligence;the particular way
that somebody thinks

To free somebody from something that restricts their enjoyment of
life: writing poetry librated her from the routine of everyday life.
However,it should be taken note of that we used the continuous form of
the verb,'liberating.'

Visual art, music,theatre,literature,etc when you think of them you think of ART

To become different.
It should be strongly noted that the change being referred to is not
the 'Nigerian political change being clamoured.'It goes beyond that.
We meant 'different' in everything. Finally
,if you are very
  observant,you should know that we have only used the definitions
that suit the purpose of this lecture.
Let's keep the ball rolling....Welcome everyone.

 There is no doubt that African literature began with literature of
lamentations, at least written African literature. This was due to the
struggle of Africans during colonization and even apartheid in south
African. There was proliferation of Creative arts that was/is full of
lamentations for the sake of libration from the shackles of

This cuts through the three genres. Poetry, Prose, and drama. We do
not blame the writers of these kind of writings as at that time
because the occasion demands it. For example such works of
lamentations and protest includes the works of the great chinua
Achebe,Wole Soyinka,Athol fugard,okot p'bitek to mention a few.

There is no doubt that this kinds of literature provided the platform
for social criticism, as the author tries to portray the real society
in his/her works. Mind you,the work of a writer is not to be a social
critic. His/her job is first to write. Whatever genre suits his or her
ability. Having established this fact, Africa, although free from
colonialism still suffers from imperialism,modern slavery and
ultimately bad governance and poverty. The effect of bad governance is
evident almost in all the African states today. Thereby increasing the
numbers of social critics including we creative writers. Some African
writers seldom write anything without lamenting one plight or another
in Africa. The question is. Is this the primary job of a writer?

Yes there are theories that back this up, especially the fact that
writers are considered as prophets in the society. They make realities
come alive on papers. Now, must we continue to be prophets of doom
even though situation warrants it? In lamenting, contemporary writers
have continue to dance to the tune of early writers-lamentations. This
has in no way Change situations in Africa, they only make things
worse. Most writers just paint the fact that the uglies reside only in
Africa. Now there is a kind of art that should librate us at this

Writers in Africa have done less in projecting Africa as a great
continent,so are the theories they engage in writing their works. I
can boldly say that the theory that celebrate Africa and Africans is
the negritude theory. Other theories have been used only to relegate
Africa as a continent and the great black people in it. A kind of
writing should librate us, it was what i called a librating art. It
facilitates change. Especially change in the manner the international
community looks at Africa.

 Africa is not the worst continent in the world, writers of whatever
kind should work in portraying the positivities in Africa.You may be
as hort story writer, a poet,a novelist, a dramatist, or even a visual

 Your 'mode of representation' should favour Africa and portray it as
a blessed continent even in the midst of turmoil. For how long shall
we continue to lament? Do more works on the beauty of Africa as a
continent, there are only few who does this. There is a way it
liberates the people in the society, at least there minds.

A colleague in school had said that the African child is made to sing
always,'London bridge is falling down. 'There are so many bridges in
Lagos,it can fall down too. We need to produce more arts that
celebrates the values of Africa as a continent,if not our work of
lamentations will keep relegating and projecting Africa to the outside
world as a continent full of calamities. The northern region of my
country suffers from insurgency...It was okay for writers to write
about this,but many has turned it to a song they sing everyday with
their artworks. I am not against  using that as a raw material...but
don't turn it to something else. Other countries in the world suffer
from insurgency too. All we have been praying for ,is that peace
should reign in Africa and that Africans live in peace. I am not
saying that African writers should not portray the situation as it
is,but we already have too much of such literatures.

Let's start writing more works that celebrate Africa. This may be
difficult because Africa still passes through a lot of  social
problems,  Terrorism, Bad governance, Nepotism, Tribalism, and more.
No doubt,but your works as well should uplift the image of Africa.

As we draw the curtain. I would like to first be an example
 A 'preacher' lives by example...And that's why i love the fact that
someone called me a preacher earlier...
So I'll share one of my poems. It was written sometime this year


Play the drum drummer

With arm, hand and stick

With stick,hand and arm play the drum.

The hide has been sunned for you

Straightened for those energetic hands

For with one you cuddle And with the other you hit

To produce heat-ehn ooo gbedu

You make sweat a thing so sweet Play the drum drummer

With arm,hand and stick

With stick,hand and arm play the drum

Our kembe await the vigour of the evening breeze

This abeti aja must fly its ears to your sounds

For you hit to produce sound so sweet And it is sweetness to hear this sound

Sailing across the sahara beneath our feet Play the drum drummer

With arm,hand and stick

With stick,hand and arm play the drum

For our breasts need to break the wind-

So silent to the cry of our ileke.

Let us lift our aso oke in array of colours To compliment the cry of the hide.

Let our waists bounce in response

To your play placating the peace

Of the evening breeze Play the drum

Hit the drum

Tighten your grip

Shake the drum

Roll the drum

Jerk it up And bring it down

Remove beneath your arm's care

To your thigh's care

Beat it with hand and stick Play the drum drummer

With stick,hand and arm

With arm,hand and stick play the drum

Turn round and round ayan...

Ayan..., round and round in turns. It pays to play the pain out

Exert pressure on the hide

Soften your grip

Drag the tip of that bent stick

On the field of that drum.

We see your sweat

Tracking ours on the wing of sound

Our feet paint the flour

But no more dust. Stop the drum drummer

Without hand and stick

But in your arm

The sound flees,

Our feet freeze

As we return to normal.

®All rights reserved

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