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Monday, December 21, 2015

WEED; MY NEED(a poem by Silva Ebieme)

Me, a troubadour,
Chanting praises for your ardor
Your sight I revere in my coven
Leaving my eyes misty and sodden.

You, my stimulus,
Awakening my sleeping muse
Erupting flows unstoppable,
Connect me with you like a cable.

Me, pain's mistress,
Lying here playing the damsel in distress
Oblivion, oh oblivion I seek
Sooth me and drive me to its peak.

You, nature's herb,
Doing actions more than a verb
Show me two paths where one laid
In Misery's coin I mustn't be paid.

Me, catch it with my nose
need no straw neither a hose
However, I'll take a style and pose
Wave this cold lest I be froze'd.

You, plant to the earth,
Draw me close, closer oh! Sweetly closer to death
Ruin my memories of happiness,
That I be out of pain's mess.

Tunes raised like fumes,
Tears dancing a ceremonial step
Heart getting darker, bloodier with every rising pulse
Kill or be killed.

Raging fit heaping like the sands
Thunder bellowing like rain's shower
Off setting all upsetting
Strike or be stricken.

Nasty drummers drumming war in the head
Tingling, ringing that numb sensation you heard
Hot tears making coffee on your lips
Anger or be angered

Eyes spitting venom like the volcano,
Thumping heart like the earth's quake
Revolving around thoughts suicidal
Murder or be murdered.

Eyes belying torrents of erosion
Smile convincingly suicidal
Different doors of death open to your comprehension
Suicide or genocide.

Darkening fury glistening the eyes,
Surging energy greater than the Goldsmith's forge
Vibrating through your bod like the whitering leaf
Offend or be offended.

With words setting fire to the rain,
Drown your rage in this tsunami
Bury your fears under the deathgrip of anger
Destroy or be Destroyed!!!

Sunday Egwu <>

Dec 15 (6 days ago)

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