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Saturday, December 5, 2015

ROMEO IS DEAD (Poem by ©Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi Sky™ )

This road, you've walked before
Before January was betrothed to June.
This sea, you swam ashore
While it was yet closer to Earth.
You've heard this same story over and over again
More than the hooting honks of Lagos 'danfo' buses.
Like the police car sirens
You already know when it calls.
You've seen it all before
In the eyes of clones and real versions alike.
Interwoven twisted tales
Romeo is DEAD, and long gone.

Originally christened Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi. Sometimes in life I got to discover the missing rib in my names. Thus, that birth the name Sky...
 A writer, poet, actor, tailor, and a pencil artist....
 A student of the University of Abuja...
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©Akinlade Oluwaseyifunmi Sky™ 2015.

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