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Thursday, December 3, 2015

LET US NOT BREAK(poem by Sunsampaul Egwu)


Different species
Different tribes
Different states
Different faces
Different problems
Different religion
Different worship
Different thought
Different traditions
Different perceptions
Different friends
Different enemies
Different families

We are different
Doesn't mean
We are not united
Unity I seek
Let us not break
Let us in unison fight
For the peace that
Will keep us at ease
So our mind will be at rest
Without thought of distress

Let us not break
Let us stop the blood letting
And swing the banner of trust and peace
That will speak no ill of our deeds
But mend our trend that was bent

Let us not break
Let us embrace love like it all we need
Let us stop the killing and tribalism
Let us embrace sincerity and dwell in the thighs of honesty
Basking in the field of simplicity
With much dignity

Let us not break
Let emancipate ourselves from mental slavery
Care for our brothers and sisters
Help the paupers in the slum
Assist the blind
Give food to the hungry
Clothes the naked
Habour the habourless

Let us not break
For if we do
Our descendants will suffer the more
Blood will become sand in the street
And bomb blast will become daily alarm
While souls run helter skater

Let us not break
Let us pray for our brothers and sisters
Who have no one to come to their need but wait on God for manner
Let us embrace change
And start the change
In our life, homes, city, states and nation

My Abridged memoir: I am Sunsampaul Egwu Philosopher , a poet,
instrumentalist, published writer and a computer science student. I am
a pioneer of Ghetto City of Poetry and the founder of Citadel of Life.
I reside in Lagos, precisely Ajegunle. I am a lover of children and a
life changer with the zeal of helping souls in the slum,  I also
lecture lads and lasses in writing. I started writing when I was six
years. I have written motivational books, such as words of wisdom to
the nation, Turning your plight into your flight,  Words of
Encouragement to the Nation etc. But I am yet to publish them. I have
publish my novel titled IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA. it is an African
folktale. I love reading books like prose, poetry, drama, bible etc
and I love blogging. I blog@
Email: facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu. Tel: 08180861170
Twitter: @sunsaint96

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