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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"I AM MONEY"(a poem by Silva Ebieme)


Life's so difficult; it's not fair.
I break the rules so I dont care.
I keep doing my own thing,
Pressing the bell and letting it ring.
Hurt not this hot pot...
In my life, life has built a cot
I am Money!

At times I think my shawarma isn't done yet,
Many a times my rice gets burnt.
The mass masked man's name's money
Keeps your clothes on; pulls it off.
Leaves you in the lurch; brightens your torch
Hold your breathes, breathes in the air.
I am Money!

Power flows through the vein of a thing so lifeless;
Takes the voice from the voiceless;
lends credit to the clueless.

Hi, hi, I... I... I am the high heights that doubles and cuts your vision.
I still am the "stay with the man",
" the man with the say".
More, more and more!
I am the 'or' in the 'more'
that takes you to the mall.
I make you horny, funny, cunny…
I make your boo call you honey.
I am Money!

Hi hi I can hijack your wedding like the fuel price on a hike.
Your life could be miserable than the muddy waters of Oyigbo
The guttural gutters can testify of your relationship.
Your life could even be sorry, gory if you have no money.
I am Money!

The idea is getting the idea from the idea.
My idea is I'm your ID.
Are your teeth still milky teeth?
Cause my tits tempt you sore leaving you insatiable till you think am
See your hands sweating cold as you caress my limp lively body.
I am Money!

Your car keys are a carcass
if your briefcase doesn't reward a brief case
from the men on black.
The road you ride gets nude
when I am to ride to your pocket.
Are you thankful when I bless your tank with a fool's wand?
See I climb time when time flies.
I am Money!

I am a fashionista with a star in fashion.
I've been known as the roots of evil-
May I tell you that I am the
Root, stem, leaves, branches and even the chlorophyll of evil.
Yet daily am the spice that spikes up your table
making you look nice.
I come in two fits
I "counter feats" when I'm original.
I burn bridges when you're making ridges.
I am Cunny.
I am Nanny.

®Dearly Reserved
Miss Word

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